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Those Lights in the Sky are Our True Governors

Our natal charts are like a snapshot of the heavens' relationship to Earth at the exact moment of our first breath.  

This “snapshot” is a sacred blueprint to our entire existence.  

Allow me to show you the mechanics your life and our universe.

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Expertise in all forms of  Western Astrology, 

especially Medical Astrology and Vocational Astrology,

Gem Stones and Moon Magic


Education From

The American Federation School of Astrologers,

Judith Hill’s Academy for Astrological Medicine,

Santos Bonacci's Syncretism Society, Lars Rain Gustafsson's Mind Body Institute,

Plus a long, long list of profoundly life changing books! 

About Me

Many years ago I fell dangerously ill with a systematic blood disease and life threatening autoimmune disorder. After many failed attempts with western medicine, I realized I had to approach the situation another way; Holistically. 

Intense physical and spiritual cleansing not only saved my life, but also opened my eyes to the many magnificent keys to the doors of wisdom.

Through this healing journey, I fell passionately in love with astrology and medical astrology, and decided to pursue it professionally.

In short, I have utilized the powers of astrology, epigenetics, holistic health practices and syncretism to bring myself into perfect alignment with my highest soul purpose.

With your natal chart, I can provide you with guidance to a deeper understanding of yourself, your karma and your destiny, and show you the way to your own soul’s highest purpose.

Client Reviews

Hear It from Them

We’ve used Erin Waage’s Astrology services for our company for many years. She is an essential part of our team! Her readings, updates and recommendations help us regularly with our decision making and strategy -- to our great success! 
In these tumultuous times having a sky clock reference to further understand our current events is grounding and also helps us direct our energy and resources better; Erin provides this to us in a meaningful and applicable way.  Personally, Erin has taught me so much about astrology through her readings, interpretations and metaphors.
Beyond that I cherish Erin's character and love her integrity. She is a trustworthy advisor and well-studied and deeply versed in Astrology, and is able to convey her knowledge in a fun and enlightening way. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ~Robina McMillan,

Robina McMillan,

Two words: Insightful & Precise. To date, I’ve had several readings with Erin & they only get better!! Since my first one I’ve come to have a better understanding of how charts work & more importantly how mine relates to me! She has helped expose my innermost attributes,  everything from my superpowers to my biggest pitfalls.  And it doesn’t stop there, she has gone on to show me where & when  I can apply certain aspects  of myself to achieve balance both inner & outer.  Now that I have a basic understanding through these readings I can come to her to fine tune ANY detail in my adventure called life.      From relationships to finances to business opportunities to inner personal work & beyond. Her natural intuition elevates her skills & abilities while her genuine positive heartspace shines with every session.  If you haven’t gotten a reading before, give it a chance & even if you have,  I would  highly recommend letting Erin translate your messages from those bright lights that align & help create us all!!
~ Patrick Blackstorm

Patrick Blackstorm

Astrology readings can be so helpful in navigating one's life. Finding a good astrologer is KEY in the usefulness of a reading. I found Erin Waage really helpful and knowledgeable
in interpreting my chart. Erin is passionate about helping others with this valuable tool which adds to the experience. I also love that she truly finds the positive aspect even when the terrain is challenging. This is helpful not only to understand why certain times may be difficult, but to understand the Soul's need to traverse those particular times. 
-Candice Oksenhorn,

Candice Oksenhorn,

An Explanation of My Astrology Readings

Services I Offer

All Services Are Provided Via Zoom

With zoom, I can share my screen to show you exactly how I'm reading your chart. I can record the entire session, and send you a private link to download and keep in your files forevermore. These readings are a LOT to process! A recorded copy to review as you wish is a huge benefit!

90 Minute Astrology Reading
for First Time Clients)

Payment is due directly following the reading via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Visa or Mastercard

 Zoom Call


  • Full Natal Chart Analysis 

  • Current Transits

  • Specific Questions 

  • Recorded Copy Available by Request


1 Hour Astrology Reading
(Best for Follow-Ups)

Payment is due directly following the reading via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Visa or Mastercard

Zoom Call


  • Partial Natal Chart Analysis 

  • Depending on clients requests, we may have time to cover specific questions or discuss current transits

  • Recorded copy available by request 

30 Minute Astrology Reading
(For Brief Questions)

Payment is due directly following the reading via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, Visa or Mastercard

Zoom Call


  • This is a brief reading, mostly for covering specific questions pertaining to your chart or current transits.

  • Recorded copy available by request 


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